Bach Flower Remedies for Despondency and Despair

Crab Apple, Elm, Larch, Oak, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Willow

Larch: (Larix decidua)

This remedy is for those who lack self-confidence, feel inferior, and anticipate failure. They may not make a real effort to succeed because they anticipate failure.

Bach flower remedy larch can help to bring a feeling of confidence and perseverance.

Pine: (Pinus sylvestris)

Pine is for shoulds. People who think they could have or should have done something different than what they did. They reproach themselves constantly, feeling guilty. They are so willing to take on blame and feel guilty that they often blame themselves for the others mistakes.

Taking pine can help to move mistakes to learning, guilt to self-acceptance. We all make mistakes, it is part of the learning process. That we think we could have done something different than what we did do only shows that we have already learned and have now more choices in behavior than what we had at the time we made the error.

Crab Apple: (Malus pumila)

This remedy is for the body and how we feel about it. It is for shame, self-conscientiousness, poor self-image, feelings of uncleanliness. In many countries of the world, women are thought to be less than men, they are taught that there bodies are dirty, that sex is dirty, that they need to be ashamed of their breast and genitals. In the USA the media and magazines, etc. still tell females that they are not good enough unless they are pretty and the perfect weight. While this is a sales ploy, many women, teens, even young girls actually believe it. So this is the flower essence to help ladies bloom from within and accept themselves as they are. To bring a deep knowing that they are O.K. just the way they are.

It is also the remedy for fear of dirt, fear of contamination, fear of insects (as they make one feel dirty, make ones skin crawl).

Crab apple is a cleanser and will help detoxify the body and clean internal and external wounds. Therefore it can be use to great effect after an illness to assist the removal to chemical drugs and impurities. It is good to use if one is doing a cleansing fast. It will speed the elimination of toxins.

Elm: (Ulmus procera)

For overwhelm. For people who by desire or circumstance take on many responsibilities and feel overwhelmed, feel like they can not do it all, feel inadequate to the task. The person may feel temporarily exhausted and lose self-confidence.

Elm will bring a sense of confidence and conviction that all will be well.

Oak: (Quercus robur)

For people who never give up. They do not know when to quit or how to quit. They push themselves to the end even into illness but never complain. There motto is never say die, they even take on the work of others, but never ask for help when they could use it. They do not wish to appear weak and dislike themselves when they can not work. They never lose hope (the opposite of gorse). They can work themselves into severe illness because they do not respond to their bodies cries for rest.

Bach flower oak can allow this person to be flexible, light hearted, playful and to have commonsense.

Sweet Chestnut: (Castanea sativa)

For those who have reached the limits of there endurance. The last straw has happened and they feel complete and total desolation, they are out of hope ( this is beyond gorse), they can feel lost, empty, isolated, dark despair, unbearable anguish. The dark night of the soul.

The flower essence sweet chestnut can bring trust into this situation, allowing the person to be in a sense be reborn to a deeper level of experience of him/herself and his/her connection to God, the Universe, nature, what ever that person considers the larger whole.

Star of Bethlehem:( Ornithogalum umbellatum)

For physical, mental, and emotional trauma. For physical trauma it released the trauma from the tissue memory. It brings it gradually to the surface, and helps it to heal. This is a good remedy for old injuries which haven't healed fully.

For the mental and emotional stress related to accidents, grief and loss, especially loss of a loved one. For feeling of sadness, sorrow, grief, and loss. Taking this flower essence can help bring a clear mind and inner strength.

This remedy is used for birth trauma - for the mother both during and after birth, and for the child after birth.

Willow: (Salix vitellina)

For people who think why not me? They feel they have been treated unjustly or unfairly. They feel angry, resentful, bitter, and they tend to blame others and not take responsibility for their own actions. They are victims of fate. They can feel so sad that one can feel the sadness coming out of them. They have not gotten what they wanted. Perhaps the love interest left, or they didn't get the promotion they had hoped for, or once again they didn't win.

Willow can allow the person to feel more positive, and to see the relationship between his/her actions and their outcome. Willow helps a person the become self-responsible a co-creator of his world.

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