Bach Flower Remedies for Loneliness

Heather, Impatiens, Water Violet,

Water Violet: (Hottonia palustris)

For capable, self-reliant people who prefer to be alone, especially wanting to be alone when they are sick. They may appear superior, proud, or reserved. These people can feel isolated from others, not knowing how to make contact. Yet they are sought after for their advise and wisdom.

Taking Bach flower water violet can assist these people to feel self-confident, calm and peaceful. It can enable them to be among others and feel more connected and tolerant, while still maintaining their independence. Moves grief and loneliness to joyful, calm, quiet.

Heather: (Calluna vulgaris)

For talkative people who are always seeking and audience. They talk on and on about their problems, their family, and other people they know to anyone who will listen, even complete strangers. They are lonely self-absorbed people who hate to be alone and seek constant companionship. They are poor listeners, always needing to be talking themselves.

Impatiens: (Impatiens glandulifera)

For people who are quick in thought and action. They are often fast learners and become irritable and impatient when the world around them does not move at their speed. They prefer to be alone to work at their own pace. They are energetic, spontaneous, impetuous, quick to make decisions, prone to exhaustion, hunger, nervous tension, and nervous indigestion. They rush around and tell others to hurry up. This is a good remedy for parents who become irritated with their children and for children who can not settle down.

Taking this Bach flower remedy can help people have more patience, tolerance, greater diplomacy, with an understanding of and empathy for others. They are then able to forgive others.


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