Bach Flower Remedies for Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances


Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Olive, Mustard, White Chestnut, Wild Rose


Chestnut Bud: (Aesculus hippocastanum)

This flower essence is for those who keep repeating an undesired pattern of behavior or keep making the same mistakes. They are not learning from their experience. They are stuck in a cycle which takes them nowhere and when carried to its extreme can destroy their lives and relationships.

This could be something small like the child who keeps wanting ice cream, and every time he eats it he gets a stomach ache. The person who keeps forgetting where he/she put his/her keys, or someone who because he keeps losing his keys ends up late for work, or the person who is repeated laid off because he is excessively tardy for work. We often see this in love relationships - people who break off one relationship and move on to the next only to have that relationship be just as bad or satisfying as the one before. This person doesn't have the ability to form connections in his/her mind between what he is doing and the results he is getting. Therefore he is not able to learn. This is another useful remedy for attention deficit disorder.

Taking chestnut bud enables a person to see what they are doing, and begin to learn. It can allow them to grow.


Clematis: (Clematis vitalba)

This flower essence is for those who lack interest in the present and tend to escape especially into the future. They daydream, are inattentive, indifferent, absent minded, and unable to concentrate. These people have poor memories and need a lot of sleep. They may be considered "spacy". This is a good remedy to give someone with attention deficit disorder. Because people can leave their bodies when they are in pain, shock, terror, acute trauma, etc. this remedy is in the rescue remedy combination to bring people back.

Taking clematis will bring this person down to earth. Make them more aware of there present circumstances and increase their ability to relate to others. Moves indifference to gentleness.


Honeysuckle: (Lonicera caprifolium)

This flower essence is for those who hold on to the past, they reminisce and long for the "good old days". They look on the past as the place where they were happy, and yearn to return to it, nostalgia. This could be a child who goes to summer camp and feels homesick, a widow who can not stop thinking of her husband and the wonderful life they had together, or a person who regrets a change of job or a new house preferring the one that has been left behind.

Life continues, and taking this Bach flower remedy can help a person to realize it. This Bach remedy can allow a person to be open to finding happiness in the present, while learning from the past.


Mustard: (Sinapis arvensis)

This flower essence is for the person who is sad and depressed for no known reason. It is as if a dark cloud of gloom has come over the person for no apparent reason. There can be deep sadness and depression, melancholia, manic-depressive psychosis. Then it can be as if the sadness and gloom for an unknown reason lifts as suddenly as it began, and the person is normal and happy again.

Taking this Bach flower can allow the dark cloud to lift, so that the person can find joy and peace.


Olive: (Olea europaea)

Olive is for exhaustion. Total mental and physical exhaustion and weariness which can be a result of long term illness, a period of high stress, severe lack of sleep, many years of overworking. After devoting oneselffor an extended period of time to any activity which uses up a great deal of energy. Sapped vitality. The last straw state. This is a useful remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Olive helps to open up the spirit and allow the natural energies to flow, bring renewed vitality back to the physical body and lightness to the emotions.


White Chestnut: (Aesculus hippocastanum)

This is the flower essence for the unquiet mind, persistent thinking. For the person who keeps chattering to themselves mentally, they can not let go of thoughts. They have internal mental arguments and relive moments in their lives and think about what else they could have done or said, how they could have made the situation better. These thoughts are persistent and unwanted. It may start as consciously thinking about a subject one may be worried about or preoccupied with and then end up as: " I can get it out of my mind". And yes it could be a song. White chestnut is a useful remedy for people bothered by thoughts when they wish to meditate.

Taking Bach flower remedy white chestnut can bring a calm mind. This can move the persons attention out of their head and downward and inward to a place of peace. Brings the ability to think constructively.


Wild Rose: (Rosa canina)

Wild Rose is the Bach flower remedy for apathy, resignation, suffering. For the person who has known a life of suffering and hardship and becomes resigned that life will always be that way. The person doesn't believe that change is possible and therefore makes no effort to improve their circumstance. This is a life of no joy. According to the Buddha, life is suffering, and the important thing is to recognize it and move beyond it. To find a deeper relationship with life that is beyond the mundane activity.

Wild rose will assist the person to move on beyond the suffering and find joy within their life.


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