Bach Flower Remedies for Overcare for the Welfare of Others

Beech, Chicory, Rock Water, Vervain, and Vine

Chicory: (Cichorium intybus)

For those who are overly concerned and possessive of the people and things close to them. They can behave in a demanding, whining, self-pitying way. They want to keep those they love close to them. They can do this by through illness, helplessness, wanting others to do for them what they could easily do for themselves. They can be manipulative.

Taking this remedy can give a person a new sense of self, of there own abilities. Can let them begin to do things for themselves. Plus it can help one let go of others and allow them to lead their own lives - because that person now has their live back. moves restraint to love.

Vervain: (Verbena officinalis)

For those who become overly enthusiastic with something and then go about expressing their strong opinions always teaching and philosophizing to anyone who will listen. They are easily incensed by injustice and can become argumentative and overbearing. This person can often be hypocritical - saying and expounding one thing and himself doing the opposite.

Taking this remedy can allow this person to be tolerant of different points of view. Moves enthusiasm to tolerance.

Vine: (Vitus vinifera)

For those who are natural born leaders, strong-willed. They have a need to be in control and assume the position to leadership easily. When carried to extreme they can behave in ruthless, dominating, dictatorial, autocratic fashion. This remedy would help a man who feels he is the head of the family and his way goes, one who might begin to be physically and emotionally abusive of underlings in the family structure. Hitler was a vine personality gone extreme.

Taking this remedy can reduce the need to be in control and allow a sense of participating in a team.

Beech: (Fagus sylvatica)

For people who are judgmental of others. They desire perfection in others easily find fault with people and things. The are intolerant of differences, and are always looking for differences and criticizing them. They can overreact to small annoyances and other peoples idiosyncrasies. They never have anything good to say about anyone and often defend there criticisms as "that's the way I see it". They often fail to see their own imperfections.

Taking this remedy can allow a person to come back into themselves, get involved in their own life. In so doing they don't need to criticize others in order to feel good about themselves.

Rock Water: (Aqua petra)

For people who struggle for perfection in themselves. They are trying to live up to an ideal or to set an example for others. They can be strict with themselves in their daily living as ascetics. This is often a religiously oriented person who is trying to become perfect or live a life according to strict religious rules. Also a person living within bounds of certain social disciplines. The person who beats himself up when he makes a mistake. This person is always seeing his own faults (as opposed to the beech person who sees others faults), always trying to atone for his faults. This person can deny his own needs in a effort to do what he thinks fits his ideal. This person is often joyless.

Taking rock water can help the person to let up on themselves, to see that they are O.K. just the way they are. Helps them to accept and respond to their own needs. To let themselves feel happy.

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