Bach Flower Remedies for Oversensitivity to Influences and Ideas


Agrimony, Centaury, Holly, Walnut


Agrimony: (Agrimonia eupatoria)

Agrimony is the flower essence for those who hide fear, worry, pain, sadness, etc. behind a happy face. They like a peaceful environment. They always try to put on a smile though they may be ready to explode within. The song - put on a happy face- applies to them. They do not just try to hide their pain from others, they try to escape and hide from it themselves through the use to drugs and alcohol. They are easily prone to addictions. They become addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, chocolate, food, work, sex, television, exercise, activities, society. They can not be alone because their inner unrest may surface, so they are out a lot, laughing and joking, the life of the party. They can harbor deep feelings of pain and loneliness from childhood.

Taking this Bach flower remedy can bring inner peace, trust, joy and objectivity. One becomes able to laugh at one's own worries. Moves restlessness to peace.


Centaury: (Centaurium umbellatum)

The flower essence centaury is for those who desire to help and serve others and who have difficulty saying no. they are weak willed, passive, easily persuaded, avoiding arguments, desire others guidance, can not make decisions. They are anxious to please and can be easily exploited. The doormat syndrome refers to this type of personality. Edith Bunker was a character who exhibited many of the characteristics of this personality. These people often neglect their own needs and interest as they willingly serve the needs of others. Martyrs.

People in helping professions can often use this remedy. They have a tendency to overwork because they are needed then they end up tired, worn out, and sick from not responding to their own needs.

They easily become subservient in relationships not standing up for themselves. They become co-dependent, abusive relationships.

Taking Bach flower centaury can assist this person to see that they must take care of their own needs or they can not be useful to others. Making time for oneself is also important. This remedy assist one to find their true mission and develop self-determination and individuality. They become able to say both yes and no. Moves weakness to strength.


Holly: (Ilex aquifolium)

Holly is the remedy for the emotions of daily living, for times when more unconditional love is needed. Anger, discontent, distrust, envy, frustration, greed, hate, jealousy, rage, revenge, resentment, rebellion, suspicion, unhappiness, violence. Here the heart is hardened. One can feel disappointed and cut off from others and life.

This important Bach remedy opens up the heart, so that love can flow in. When we can feel loved we are able to let go of the feelings of isolation that keeps us separate from others.


Walnut: (Juglans regia)

This Bach flower remedy is for stabilizing the emotions during transition periods such as moving to a new house, or a new state, changing jobs or occupations, a broken or ended relationship, a new relationship, marriage, retirement. Walnut serves to strengthen the person emotional state during these periods of transition and transformation. It is also used for those periods when the body itself is in transition such as birth, teething, puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, rapid aging, and terminal illness. During these stress filled times it is easy for a person to listen and get caught up in the ideas, suggestions, opinions, warnings, worries, fears and behaviors of others and forget, become distracted from, or abandon their true desires, ambitions, direction.

Walnut can help keep a person directed on their own course regardless of what is happening around them. It brings protection from outside influences. Walnut helps one to pull away from the past and be inner directed.

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