Flower Remedies to the Rescue in Calming Essences


Safe and gentle for everyday emergency use! Immediate Stress Relief.


CALMING ESSENCE - Liquid, Cream & Tablet Forms


Handle your next everyday emergency calmly and effectively with the help of the stress-relieving formula discovered over 60 years ago by a British physician (Dr. Edward Bach). This formula is the original five-flower essence combination of the 38 preparations discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's. He felt that stress, if left unresolved, would ultimately and inevitably lead to physical disorders. Determined to avoid the use of harmfu1 drugs, he searched for, and found in nature, 38 flowering plants, trees, and special waters, that could be used for the safe, natural, and effective relief of stress and emotional balancing. These preparations have been used successfully for over 70 years.

Totally natural and non-toxic, Calming Essence products will not interfere with prescribed medications. Unlike chemical drugs and tranquilizers which can mask and suppress symptoms, Calming Essence, like all flower essence products, acts as a catalyst to alleviate the underlying emotional causes of stress. Calming Essence is intended to be part of one’s first aid regimen. Calming Essence is a combination of the following flower remedies:


Calming Essence is designed for use in cases of acute distress, anxiety, pain, fear, panic. Acute anything. It is also good for ongoing stress. You can keep it handy at your workstation to use through out the day. It is the perfect all round remedy to use for what ever. Many people in fact do not know that the other 38 remedies exist and always use rescue remedy. We use it for colds, flu, allergy symptoms, pain (as from muscle aches, tennis elbow, headaches, bone bruises, surgery, whatever) rashes, upset stomach, diarrhea, cough, whatever physical or emotional upset we feel. Calming Essence for some people replaces all of those over the counter drugs in the medicine cabinet. Because what you purchase is a concentrate and you dilute it to use it, the bottle of concentrate can last for years, making it quite cost effective.

Calming Essence Liquid

This product should be used in tense situations, such as taking exams, public speaking, air travel, visiting doctors, job interviews, or in times of unexpected distress and/or grief. A few drops are all you need for fast effective relief. The Calming Essence liquid can be helpful to calm children with temper tantrums, nightmares, the trauma of divorce, grief, or tragedy, any moment of fear and panic, traffic jams, irritability, and nervousness.

Calming Essences Cream

Smooth on Fast Soothing Relief (External Use Only.)

Rescue Cream is a combination of 6 of the other flower essences designed for use as a topical cream. . This soft, very absorbable, soothing, natural cream base is composed of the same five flower essences as the liquid, plus the addition of Crab Apple essence. It is used for the relief of pain, tenderness, and swelling from minor bumps and bruises, scrapes, burns, cuts, incisions (after the incision has healed), inflammations, tennis elbow, back pain, tight shoulders, stretch marks, tattoo's, sinusitis, sprains, muscle stiffness and soreness, swollen or painful joints, heel spurs, diaper rash, chapped lips, insect bites and a host of other skin-related problems. It is very effective.

Contentmints , Berry Content

This edible form of Calming Essence is used like mints. It is derived from Calming Essence (Rescue Remedy) liquid without the brandy preservative. It is placed in a tablet form and packaged 30 to a container. This has the same 1C potency as the liquid yet a lot simpler to use. Excellent for stress or anxiety for small children & adults when used for a host of conditions like: ADHD, class work, road rage, air travel, fear, hysteria's or many other usages. It gives immediate relief and it is completely safe with no known side effects .


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