Bach Flower Remedies for Uncertainty

Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat

Cerato: (Ceratostigma willmottianum)

Bach Flower remedy cerato is for doubting one's own judgment or ability to make decisions. This person constantly seeks the opinions of others and rarely make decisions on their own deferring to the opinions, beliefs, attitude, and experiences of others. This remedy is often called the fools remedy, for this person often is duped, led astray, taken advantage of by those whom they let choose for them.

Taking cerato can enable one to trust in their own judgment and intuition, moving ignorance to wisdom.

Scleranthus: (Scleranthus annuus)

Scleranthus is for indecision, usually indecision between two things. First one thing seem right then the other. The person is vacillating, unstable, undirected, filled with inner conflict. This person feels they can decide for themselves and does not ask the opinions of others. They can take many months to make a decision. This is also the remedy for mood swings, pms, pregnancy, physical pain or symptoms that move from place to place, motion sickness, inner ear problems (lack of inner balance).

Bach flower scleranthus gives the person the ability to make decisions instantly, following an inner direction or goal. Scleranthus moves indecision to steadfastness.

Gentian: (Gentianella amarella)

Gentian is the flower essence for those who are easily depressed or discourage by known causes. Often small delays can cause self doubt, despondency. Charlie Brown is a nice example of a gentian. Discouraged by baseball loses yet eventually getting back on the mound for another try. The person lacks faith in life and is pessimistic, skeptical, uncertain, lacking confidence, doubting, easily discouraged and disappointed, dejected. This is a good remedy to use with the death of a loved one, when one doesn't get the job he hoped for, the date went badly, the person who doesn't learn to ride the bike on the first few try and feels discouraged.

Taking this Bach flower remedy can allow a person to feel confident, knowing problems can be overcome. It moves doubt to understanding. Moves failure to opportunities for learning.

Gorse: (Ulex europaeus)

Gorse is for feeling of hopelessness, when the person is so discouraged that they do not believe that change will or can take place. They have given up hope, feel resigned, despair. They may try because another asks them to but they no longer believe success is possible. Many people reach this state when they have illnesses which are considered incurable by western medicine. They say I or we have tried everything and nothing works. This feeling of hopelessness can block alternative therapies from working. It is important to believe that one can be helped.

Taking gorse flower essence will lift a persons spirits and bring new hope.

Hornbeam: (Carpinus betulus)

Hornbeam is for boredom, fatigue, tired and weary mind, brain fag, procrastination, needing coffee to keep one going, need a jump start, Monday morning blahs. The person is tired and bored from the same old same old routine and will perk up is something new and interesting comes along. Person who wakes up more tired than she went to bed.

Taking hornbeam will restore interest in life, perk up the mind, clear the head.

Wild Oat: (Bromus ramosus)

Wild Oat is for those who are dissatisfied, discontented with life, life style, career, work, etc. They are very bright people who can do many things and have difficulty choosing which is the right vocation. They therefore feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. The person is not in touch with their mission in life. They have trouble committing, as something more interesting may come along. Can be used for midlife crisis.

Taking wild oat will bring one clarity regarding their ambitions.


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