Bach Flower Remedies for Fear

Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose

Rock Rose: (Helianthemum nummularium)

This remedy is for extreme fear, panic, hysteria, nightmares, fright. Often needed in a time of crisis such as accidents and people are feeling afraid and in panic.

Taking rock rose moves feelings of terror to courage, gives one the ability to rise to the occasion.

Mimulus: (Mimulus guttatus)

For known fears, the fears of everyday life, fear, anxiety, worry, such as heights, fear of animals, pain, death, darkness, responsibility, commitment, poverty, being alone, fear of others, water (hydrophobia), agoraphobia. This does not include fear of disease or contamination - see crabapple. Minulus does cover fear of people and circumstances, shyness, timidity, fear of public speaking, and fear of failure (also see larch). This flower essence is good for sensitivities such as to cold, noise, conflict, light.

Taking mimulus can transform the feeling of fear to courage and cheerfulness and sympathy for others with the same fears.

Cherry Plum: (Prunus cerasifera)

Cherry Plum is for the fear of letting go, fear of losing control, fear of having a breakdown, desperation. This could be nervous breakdown, breaking down and crying, letting go of control of one's emotions. One could be afraid of what might happen if they let themselves really feel the anger or rage within. Afraid of what they might do to others or themselves. Afraid one might commit suicide.

This flower essence enables one to become grounded, to gain inner strength and courage. It gives a person insight into their subconscious and helps them to integrate that information into their life.

Aspen: (Populus tremula)

Aspen is the flower essence for fear and anxiety of the unknown or for unknown reason, fear of other worldly phenomenon, fear of psychic experience, paranormal, fear of ghosts, goblins, bogeymen, occult, the dark. This remedy covers creepy sensations, nightmares, fear of ones fears, fear of the invisible.

Taking this remedy gives the person insight into the esoteric or spiritual aspect of life, creating fearlessness, confidence and strength.

Red Chestnut: (Aesculus carnea)

Red Chestnut flower essence if for fear and overconcern for the safety of others especially loved ones. As a parent who is over protective of a child, not wanting the child to get hurt; thereby limiting the child's ability to explore the world and learn on its own. These are overprotective, self-sacrificing people who worry about others to the extreme.

Taking this Bach remedy can give the person the ability to think positive thoughts instead of always projecting negativity toward others. There positive thought can help to provide guidance instead of warnings, security instead of fear.

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