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Moving into Wellness


 Remembering the Wholeness Within

Using Gentle Motion to Unleash the Healing Energy Within


Movement is Life


Since before our birth we were moving. We floated in the world around us. Once born, we began to breathe and move with the breath, expanding outward with each inhale and moving inward with the exhale. We moved freely and joyfully.


Over time we began to become locked into habitual movement patterns. We feel tight; we become stressed. We stop breathing fully. Our health falters.

Now is the time to reverse this and regain our natural motion.


Movement is Healing


For over 5000 years the people of India and China have used movement to affect wellness. Yoga and Qi Gong have been mainstays to the healing processes for millions of people.




In these classes we will use breathing and gentle motion to open the energy pathways of the body. Participants will learn a series of gentle seated and standing exercises that will quickly bring warmth and vitality to the body. When done over time, these easy movements will enhance your balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and dexterity. In addition, these exercises relax and stretch muscles, improve joint mobility, improve breathing, and support emotional health and well being.


Movement is Fun


The exercises you will be doing come from the ancient traditions of Chinese medical qi gong, yoga, and shamanism and the modern movement forms of Feldenkrais and Alexander. You will also learn some major acupuncture points and use reflexology points to stimulate the flow of energy in your body.


 Movement Feels Good

These exercises are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Children, teens, adults, and seniors alike can benefit from movement.


Every body feels better when it moves. What ever your present ability or disability, these simple, gentle motions can improve your well being. From improving breathing to relaxing your mind, miracles happen. Peace happens.


Movement is Creative Expression



Private Classes $ 50 / Hour

Semi Private Classes $ 25 each

Group Classes $ 30 per month



Classes can be held at your home, school, church, business, or at my locations in Windham and Portland.



Adeva ....207-233-2805


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