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New Life Springs Forth Daily

Seeing Your Possibilities, and Nuturing Your Potential.

 with Anita DeVito, MS LMT RYT  

I offer Wholistic Therapy and Counseling Services for Health, Self-Esteem, Addiction, Stress Management, and Spirituality.

Abundance in all areas of our lives (health, relationships, work, finances, and spirit) comes from an inner place of deep connection to the source of our being. This connectiion brings us to joy, peace, and well being.

When we remember this connection to the deeper truth of Life, we feel whole and alive. When we forget this, we feel shut off frim the flow and we may feel stuck in some way. This could show up as pain, both physical and/or emotional. We might feel fear, anxiety, stress, powerless, sad, depressed, or unhappy. We could be stressed in our work or relationships. We might act out in addictive habit patterns, or even have financial issues

This is an unpleasant way to live, especially when in our hearts we know there is something better for us. There is that little inkling, of something that we have known for a long time, just waiting to come alive within us. And when we begin to make a change, take a step forward for ourselves, these feelings lift and we can feel safe and trust in life. Sometimes just knowing that it is possible to feel better, can make a difference.

So let's get excited about our potential, inspire ourselves to aspire to greater movement, and move forward with confidence!

Cranio-Sactral Therapy
Reiki Therapy and Trainings
Neuromuscular Therapy
Structural Relief Therapy
Yoga Therapy
Emotional Support with
Flower Essences
Metamorphic Technique
Yoga Therapy
Prosperity Through the Chakras
Transformational Munay Ki
Reiki Trainings
Self Healing for Hands
Hands In Motion
Infant Massage
Auras and Chakras
Moving into Wellness


  2 Summer Specials

   1. Hand Massages

   Using techniques from a variety to techniques including elements of reflexology, acupressure, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, and SRT.

    Hand Massage fee is $20 per 20 min.

:   2 .Gentle Yoga Therapy Classes for Beginners

    First Class Free - Wednesdays in Portland at 5:30-7 pm $15. Held outside.

Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions are held outdoors, weather premitting.

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