Adeva Holistic Therapies

We offer our own style of Healing Facials and Hand Massages

These techniques were developed from a variety to therapies including elements from reflexology, acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, Treager, cranio-sacral therapy, and metamorphic technique, reiki, and yoga therapy.

When the head and face relax the health of the entire body improves and the face looks years younger. Visually the appearance of the face improves - wrinkles, dark lines and puffiness around the eyes disappear, bringing a glow back to the eyes. The jaw relaxes and tension in the head and neck is released. Vision can become clearer, the bite can improve, headaches and neck pain can be eliminated. Facials can improve digestion, enhance breathing, and improve emotional balance by alleviating stress and anxiety.

Adeva ....207-233-2805


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