Adeva Holistic Therapies

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP):

Neurolingusitic programming is the process of understanding how your brain works to hold on to all of the beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions we make about ourselves, others, and everything else in the world. It is the process of learning how to use your brain to create more choice through un-programming the negatives that have been imbedded within us since childhood.

Our speech, language, and movement pattens can be used to access and unlock our own hidden resources. Resources which we can put to use to imporve our health, prosperity, emotional well-being, self-esteem, learning ability, teaching and business skills.

For instance by accessing feelings of inner strenght and calm we can end phobias by giving ourselves a feeling of control. By accessing deep feelings of connectedness we can enhance our self-esteem, allowing us to change addictive and co-dependent behaviors. By accessing our sense of self we can improve our immune system and eliminate allergies, improve eyesight, and heal tumors. By accessing feelings of self-appreciation and self-worth we can increase our ability to listen and communicate ideas thereby improving our abilities in business, sales, teaching, etc. By learning how we use our mind to motivate ourselves, we can overcome blocks to our personal goals and visions.

Clearly whatever your goal (more earning power, quitting smoking, improving your relationships, becoming healthier, etc) your forward movement toward that goal can be enhanced when your own inner resourcefulness is brought forth fully and brightly.

The fee for NLP is $50 per hour.

Adeva ....207-233-2805


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