Adeva Holistic Therapies

Hands In Motion - Unleashing the Energy of the Hands


A Presentation by

Anita DeVito, MS LMT MSC

Our hands are powerful tools which we use every day. They are connected to the rest of our body by arms and shoulders, neck and head, and chest and abdomen. In order to keep our hands healthy and maintain them in top condition, we must also maintain our arms, shoulders and the other areas of our body to which the bones, muscles, and energy of the hands are connected.

In this workshop we will use breathing and gentle motion to open the pathways to the hands. You will learn a series of gentle seated exercises that will quickly bring warmth and vitality to the hands. When done over time, these easy movements will enhance your breathing, flexibility, coordination, strength, and dexterity. In addition, these exercises relax and stretch muscles, improve joint mobility, improve breathing, and support emotional health and well being.

The exercises used come from the ancient traditions of Chinese medical qi gong, yoga, and shamanism and the modern movement forms of Feldenkrais and Alexander. We will also massage some major acupuncture points and use hand reflexology points to stimulate the flow of energy to the hands.


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