Adeva Holistic Therapies


The Oneness Blessing

The Oneness Blessing, or Deeksha (blessing in Sanskrit), is a direct transference of an intelligent sacred energy by a Oneness facilitator which causes the heart to flower into new depths and initiates a neurobiological change in the brain.   It is dogma-free and does not belong to any particular religion, philosophy or belief system. The Blessing helps each of us discover and fully experience the reality of our own unique relationship with the Divine.   

People who receive the Oneness Blessing report having any or all of the following experiences which can happen after one blessing or over time with many blessings:

             -  a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion        

             -  builds new patterns of observation and behavior

             -  frees the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and
                feelings of love, joy, peace and inner silence

             -  releases traumas stored in cells and energy levels

             -  facilitates deep emotional, physical, and mental healing

             -  positively realigns negative thoughts and responses