Adeva Holistic Therapies




Movement therapies have helped people with a wide variety of illnesses improve their overall health and well being.�� Some of the many physical conditions that have improved with regular practice include the following:




*            Reduced stress

*            Increased mental ability and clarity

*            Increased emotional stability & well-being

*            Increased energy

*            Improved outlook

*            Improved overall health

*            Improved circulation

*            Lowered blood pressure

*            Healing of chronic illness

*            Reduced pain including headaches & joint pain of arthritis

*            Increased mobility in joints

*            Improved vision

*            Improved hearing

*            Improved breathing, lessen sinus problems, allergies

*            Improved digestion

*            Improved kidney function

*            Increased bone density

*            Improved balance

*            Improved spinal motion & flexibility

*            Improved disease resistance (immune function)

*            Improved thyroid functioning


For more information or to join a class contact:



Adeva ....207-233-2805


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